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ADDINOL cooler protection – premixed and approved

Besides reliable lubrication, heat exchange is decisive for safe operation of a gas engine. Only the use of a high-quality cooler protection agent guarantees the optimum heat exchange.

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Cleaning and protection of entire systems

In the context of general maintenance and repair or chains, slide elements and roller systems, for fault-free operation we recommend regular system cleaning with the ADDINOL System Cleaner HT.

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Gear lubrication

Gear wheels are used in transmissions to transmit and convert certain speeds and torques. They consist of at least two shafts in which the gears mesh closely.

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Difference engine oil transmission oil

The best-known lubricants used in a car are engine oils and transmission oils. They are used in different places in the car and fulfil different functions.

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The abbreviation LSPI stands for “Low Speed Pre Ignition”. LSPI describes a combustion problem in downsized petrol engines with direct injection.

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Dr. Robert von der Aa

Head of Application Technology