Training courses for customers and partners

What are the differences between the individual engine oils for cars? What should I look for in hydraulic oils for mobile plants? How can the lifetime of gas engines be reliably extended? What is the best way to store lubricants?

The better the customers and partners are informed, the more targeted the lubricating oils, greases, pastes and sprays can be selected and used. For this reason, our ADDINOL Academy is orientated towards technicians, repair workers and operators of individual systems or even large production lines. Different modules of the ADDINOL Academy offer a detailed insight from the basis of lubricants through to special applications and the matching ADDINOL product. ADDINOL offers expert knowledge and first-hand practical tips and passes them on – in the rooms of the ADDINOL Academy in Leuna or at the customer's premises.

If you are interested, please contact our Application Technology.


Dr. Robert von der Aa

Dr. Robert von der Aa

Head of Application Technology

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