ADDINOL supports young people of our region

Of course, the ADDINOL Lube Oil GmbH is committed to social issues. After all, there are numerous projects, groups and associations from sports, culture or the social sector dedicating themselves with enthusiasm and devotion to their exciting idea, activity or initiative worth of funding. Sometimes it is quite hard to make a choice. For this reason we have defined clear rules for our sponsorship activities: Mainly we concentrate on activities focusing on the support of young people and their education. And if this support helps them to help themselves the funds make even more sense.

Here we want to present four projects which benefit from our financial sponsorship:

The Family Education Centre Naumburg of the Family Federation belonging to the diocese Magdeburg is an important institution in the town Naumburg, which is not far from our plant in Leuna. This centre offers trainings, seminars and spare time activities for young families with children above all.

The Förderverein Friends "Sachzeugen der chemischen Industrie e. V. (SCI)/Historical Witnesses of Chemical Industry e.V. (SCI)" support the German Chemistry Museum in Merseburg. This museum is unique in Europe, if not even the world and combines features of a science centre, a museum and a collection of original plants and instruments from the chemical industry of the 20th century. Since 1996 they carry out the student’s project "Living chemistry" in cooperation with the university Merseburg. This project aims at waking the enthusiasm of younger pupils for the exciting topics of chemistry. Older pupils have manifold opportunities to conduct ambitious chemical experiments there.

The helpdesk of the Caritas in Weißenfels uses the funds provided by ADDINOL for specific projects. Especially if other social institutions or organizations are not responsible for urgent requests, the Caritas helps quickly and without much bureaucracy. By the way, this is also done by the help of our customers because instead of Christmas presents for them we have been sponsoring the Caritas at Christmas for many years already. With this money many small, but nevertheless serious problems could be solved often.

Within the holiday camp "Democracy and Personality" children and teenagers from our region experience an exciting and happy time. During the summer holidays up to three camps take place every year for about 90 children, which would not have the opportunity to go on holidays otherwise because of the financial situation of their parents. It is a great opportunity for the children to make friends, try out many new activities and develop personally. We have been supporting this initiative for many years now.


Jana Dudda