Lubricants for the automotive sector

ADDINOL: Automotive lubricants with more than 150 approvals

The automotive range of ADDINOL comprises engine oils, automotive transmission oils and function fluids certified according to the highest internationally-valid specifications. Innovations and the excellent quality of the ADDINOL lubricants are confirmed by more than 150 named approvals from leading OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer). These include Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen Group, BMW, MAN, Porsche, Scania, Volvo, MTU, Ford, PSA, Fiat Group, GM, Renault, as well as Jaguar and Land Rover.

Engine oils

High-performance engine oils from ADDINOL offer reliable wear protection and an excellent start-up and warm-up behaviour due to optimum low temperature properties and a low viscosity character. They provide more than 150 named approvals and also exceed the minimum requirements of national and international car manufacturers.

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Gear oils

Gear oils from ADDINOL can fulfil even the most extreme requirements. They offer effective protection against wear and even ideal friction behaviour for cold starts. ADDINOL automotive transmission oils are a reliable solution for almost any application.

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Function fluids

Besides our high-quality engine and automotive transmission oils, ADDINOL function fluids can aid the full and flawless operation of your car and round off the high-performance product range for your vehicle.

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