Corrosion protection oils from ADDINOL for reliable protection

Reliable protection against corrosion plays an important role for all lubricants. However, there are also applications that require specific corrosion protection that goes far beyond normal requirements. For example, reliable preservation and conservation is indispensable for the storage of parts, components and tools or for longer transport routes of finished products. In these applications the ADDINOL corrosion protection oils have already proven themselves many times.

ADDINOL corrosion protection oils are odorless and solvent-free. They can be applied simply by dipping, spraying or painting and are practical to use. You can even reach hard-to-reach places with our oil spray.The strong additives with corrosion inhibitors refine the high-quality mineral oil raffinates.

Properties of corrosion protection oil at a glance:

  • water-repellent
  • good penetration properties
  • infiltrates rust
  • high aging stability
  • easy application by dipping, spraying or painting
  • excellent wettability and adhesiveness
  • best compatibility with sealing materials and varnishes
  • good lubricating properties

Application areas of corrosion protection oil

The corrosion protection oils from ADDINOL can be used in many different ways and reliably protect metal surfaces against corrosion. The following applications are covered:

  • Protection of external and internal surfaces of iron and steel products
  • Conservation of components
  • Protection during storage and transport of metals
  • Protection of hand tools and DIY supplies
  • Sealing of seams, gaps and spot welds

A typical area of application for corrosion protection agents is the care and preservation of weapons. Take a look at our weapon oil.

Different stages of steel corrosion after test setups
Stages of steel corrosion in test setups, good air and water separation of the oil minimizes corrosion


Philipp Seitz

Philipp Seitz

Product Manager Industry Lubricants

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