ADDINOL lubricating greases and pastes

From the all-rounder to the specialist

The versatile and efficient ADDINOL high-performance lubricating greases ensure fault-free running and the operational safety of your systems. They protect friction points against external influences, such as spray water, moisture and soiling and actively combat wear and corrosion. Here, lubrication greases are used if lubrication points cannot be supplied with oil or their seal is difficult to handle.

Selection of the optimum lubricating grease

The selection of the optimum lubricating grease for the appropriate application is influenced by many factors (area of use, individual operating conditions) and not least determined by the previously used lubricating grease. Here, a mixture of greases based on various soaps should be avoided. The experts at ADDINOL Application Technology will be glad to help you in selecting the optimum ADDINOL grease for your application.

ADDINOL offers the ideal grease or paste for every operating condition and the components to be lubricated. Greases with EP additives offer an improved load capacity, providing ideal protection against wear and surface damage in cases of high pressure loads. Greases with metallic soaps or non-metallic soaps as a thickener are used for highly pressurised bearings being operated under unsuitable environmental influences, such as acids, lyes or moisture.
The experts at ADDINOL Application Technology will be glad to help you in selecting the optimum ADDINOL grease for your application.

Ideal for many areas of application: ADDINOL lubricating greases and pastes

  • Universal greases
  • Liquid greases
  • High-temperature greases
  • Low-temperature greases
  • Inert greases
  • Hybrid greases
  • Silicone greases
  • Corrosion protection and contact greases
  • Heavy-duty greases
  • Greases for the food industry
  • Biodegradable greases
  • Pastes

You can find an overview of lubricating greases and pastes in our Oil-Finder.

Your benefits at a glance: 

  • Optimum protection against soiling and corrosion
  • Minimisation of impact loads
  • Longer lifetime of components
  • Reliable operation, even at extreme temperatures, high levels of dust and moisture
  • Selected base oils and efficient additives
  • High wear protection
  • Maximum energy efficiency and economy
  • Excellent grease lifetime
  • Excellent, personal service thanks to our Application Technology


Dr. Peter Thiel

Dr. Peter Thiel

Application Technology

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