Industrial Lubricants

ADDINOL industrial lubricants set new standards

ADDINOL offers high-performance lubricants for almost every industrial application. With innovative products, such as the high-performance gear oil ADDINOL Eco Gear or the ADDINOL gas engine oils, which are used in communal heating / power stations with natural and special gases, ADDINOL sets new standards in tribology. Hydraulic fluids, corrosion protection and compressor oils for the construction industry or slipway and metal processing oils for the machining industry round off the product range in this area.

Gear oils

Longer lifetimes, increased operational safety and cost reductions are just some of the benefits of ADDINOL industrial gear oils. They have been developed in close co-operation with leading gear and systems manufacturers as well as research institutes.

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Gas engine oils

ADDINOL gas engine oils were developed, in order to guarantee maximum efficiency and safe operation for communal heating / power stations. They are based on high-quality mineral oil raffinates, in combination with new additive technology and are specially tailored to the complex requirements of modern gas engines.

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Chain lubricants

ADDINOL chain lubricants guarantee safe and reliable lubrication of all components and thus ensure fault-free operation. They effectively reduce the operating and maintenance costs and increase system efficiency.

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Turbine oils

ADDINOL turbine oils were developed specially for use in water, gas and steam turbines (with and without gears) as well for turbo and transmission compressors. They stand out through their carefully selected, high-quality base oils and perfectly matched, zinc-free additives.

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The versatile and efficient ADDINOL high-performance lubricating greases ensure fault-free running and the operational safety of your systems. They protect friction points against external influences, such as spray water, moisture or soiling and actively combat wear and corrosion.

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