Application Technology

Technical consultation directly from the manufacturer

Lubricating, protecting, cooling, sealing or cleaning – only when used correctly will lubricants develop their ideal effect. For this reason, besides the development of customer-specific lubricants, ADDINOL also places emphasis on the application consultation of our customers and partners. Experts in different areas are available for this at the company's site in Leuna in their own department. They possess comprehensive knowledge in the field of tribology and are familiar with the lubrication interrelationships of different production processes. Based on this expertise and the long years of experience, lubricants can be recommended and used in a targeted manner for individual components or entire production lines, even under extreme operating conditions.

ADDINOL – More than lubricants

At ADDINOL, application consultation goes beyond the product recommendation. With every use of ADDINOL lubricating oils, greases, sprays or pastes comprehensive support is given by experts in Leuna or on site. These also include the change to ADDINOL products, optimisation of the lubricants used with regard to a reduction in types or aid when cleaning components. In addition, products are offered for the fields of servicing and maintenance, which, together with the ADDINOL lubricants, ensure safe and fault-free system operation.

Our application technicians will be happy to advise you in the following areas:

  • Recommendation of lubricants for specific applications and components
  • Stepped changeover to ADDINOL products
  • Compatibility and mixability of lubricants
  • Reduction of lubricant types
  • Support in the creation of lubrication plans
  • Recommendation of service and cleaning products
  • Product training courses in the ADDINOL Academy
  • Monitoring and determination of the oil quality
  • Recommendation of oil use periods with the ADDINOL Analysis Service


Dr. Robert von der Aa

Dr. Robert von der Aa

Head of Application Technology

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