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Silicone oils are synthetic lubricants from the group of silicones. In contrast to mineral oils, they do not consist of organic carbon compounds in their basic structure, but are silicon-based. It is a silicon-oxygen compound which is linked with organic side chains (mostly methyl or phenyl residues).

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Properties of silicone oil

Silicone oils are colourless, odourless, tasteless and non-toxic. They are characterised by good temperature and ageing resistance. Silicone oils also have a high viscosity index and thus ensure consistent lubrication properties over a longer period of time. Furthermore, silicone oils are very compatible with elastomers and plastics. Good electrical insulation is also ensured by the synthetic oils.

However, silicone oils have poorer tribological properties (friction reduction and wear protection) than other base oils. The addition of additives is only possible to a limited extent, as there are hardly any additives that dissolve in silicones. Silicone oil is a strong release agent and prevents other substances from adhering. For example, silicone oil must not come into contact with surfaces that are going to be painted or varnished later. Therefore, the properties of silicone oils result in a certain number of useful applications.

Use of silicone oil

In general, silicone oils are excellently suited as universal lubricants and release agents for plastic, rubber and metal surfaces. Silicone oils are used, for example, in engine and vehicle construction. Silicone oils are furthermore applied in production plants in the food or pharmaceutical industries because they are non-toxic and do not transfer any odour or taste to the end products. Due to their heat resistance (operating temperature up to 250°C), they are suited for high-temperature equipment such as hot-air fans. As a water-repellent lubricant, silicone oil is also in demand in the electrical industry.



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Heiko Stephan

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