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Multifunctional oil from ADDINOL

Multifunctional oil by ADDINOL consists of high-quality raw materials and is suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether squeaky doors, jammed locks, rusted screws or hinges that are difficult to move: Our multifunctional oils provide a remedy. No more jarring, creaking or jamming with ADDINOL. The oils are ideal for use in private households as well as in industrial production facilities or workshops. Convince yourself of our quality "Made in Germany"!

Our oil sprays


ADDINOL Care Protect is our premium oil for the protection and maintenance of metallic surfaces and components. It also has an excellent cleaning effect and creeping properties. ACP consists of synthetic hydrocarbons and carboxylic acid esters.


ADDINOL Multifunctional Spray is made of a mixture of mineral oil, natural fatty acid esters and additives. It contains an additive combination with graphite as special solid lubricant.


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Properties of multifunctional oil

Excellent corrosion protection
Best preservation properties, even in the presence of water
Stable lubrication film
Does not evaporate and remains on the lubrication point for a long time
Excellent wear protection
Guarantees durability of the components
High penetration capacity
Permeates rust and loosens solid connections
Best cleaning effect
Removes dirt and soiling
Wide application range
Can be used under hot, cold and wet conditions
Hinge is treated with multifunctional oil
Multifunctional oil can be used to treat a wide range of workpieces

Areas of application for multifunctional oil

As the name suggests, multifunctional oils cover a wide range of applications. It is an universal oil for all cases. They can be used wherever components on machines are jammed, moving parts are difficult to move or connections have even rusted solid. Multifunctional oil not only lubricates well, but also removes rust, dirt and other impurities. For example, old hinges, threads or locks can be made functional again. In addition, multifunctional oil can also preserve metallic surfaces and protect tools from corrosion in a damp environment, for example.

Multifunctional oil can therefore be used in many different areas:

  • House
  • Garden
  • Hobby
  • Car
  • Bicycle
  • Workshop
  • Maintenance
  • Machines
  • Industrial plants

However, multifunctional oil also has its limits. It is not suitable for demanding applications in the industrial sector, e.g., in environments where high forces or pressures are present. In this case, it is better to use one of our special products.


Philipp Seitz

Philipp Seitz

Product Manager Industry Lubricants