Engine cleaner from ADDINOL

Regular cleaning of your engine will increase its life and performance. Efficient engine performance comes from careful handling. This starts with a high-quality and suitable engine oil, continues with the oil change intervals and culminates in regular engine flushing. With the ADDINOL FLUSHING OIL SUPER you get a powerful product that thoroughly removes deposits from your engine.

Our interior engine cleaner


For all petrol and diesel engines with and without turbocharger

How does the engine cleaner work?

The engine cleaner is completely (0.5 L) filled into the warm engine before the oil change. Then let the engine run at idling speed for 10 minutes. This allows the flushing to reach all relevant engine parts such as camshafts, piston rings or valve shafts. Existing deposits are thoroughly dissolved by additives (detergents). Detergents keep foreign matter in the engine oil in suspension and ensure better removal of the particles. Switch off the engine and drain the flow-improved used oil. Afterwards, the fresh oil can be filled in.

What are the advantages of engine cleaning?

An engine cleaning before the oil change ensures a complete removal of the waste oil including all deposits. Although modern engine oils contain detergents that keep foreign substances in suspension, these are eventually used up and saturated after prolonged use. If the suspended particles can no longer be bounded, they settle on the engine parts. At some point the smooth running of the pistons disappears and the engine consumes more energy. This results in increased fuel consumption and poor exhaust emission values. Engine cleaners bind these foreign substances again and ensure that the fresh oil can work with the clean components unloaded. Permanent sludge formation in the engine is thus prevented. The service life of the engine is increased and the performance is increased by the smooth lubrication.

Clean engine of a passenger car
The engine cleaner also keeps the engine clean from the inside

Which vehicles require engine flushing?

In principle, engine flushing can be used in any car before changing the oil. It increases the purity and performance of any engine. Just check the effect out and see for yourself. By using interior engine cleaners on newer models, you reduce the risk of deposits in the engine right from the start.

Engine flushing is particularly important for vehicles with high mileages. Due to the heavy wear of the oil, engine cleaning is definitely worthwhile. Even older passenger car models that are filled with less modern engine oils should be flushed before changing the oil. The engine oil often does not keep the engine clean enough, which requires additional cleaning. Remove deposits such as metallic abrasion before filling with new oil.

Be careful with classic cars!

Not every classic car can tolerate engine flushing. Classic car engines partly benefit from deposits in the engine, as these contribute to the sealing of the engine. If all residues are suddenly removed there a leaky engine compartment can occur. Engine damage is imminent. Only use the engine flushing system for classic cars if critical problems occur, such as coolant penetration or extreme sludge formation. In such cases, the engine must be thoroughly cleaned anyway. You should not clean a functioning classic car engine.


Christian Retschke

Head of Research and Development