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Washer fluids by ADDINOL

Windscreen cleaner is an important functional fluid for car drivers. It is used to clean the front and rear windows as well as the headlights of cars. Windscreen cleaner makes a significant contribution to road safety. Dirty windows and unfavourable sunlight can lead to poor visibility and rear-end collisions. Do not take the risk when driving a car and ensure that you have a clear view. The window cleaner from ADDINOL offers best cleaning characteristics in summer and winter. The concentrate based on ethanol and ethylene glycol is very cold-resistant and can be mixed with water as desired.

Our washer fluids


Suitable as cleaning and antifreeze agent for all passenger cars and commercial vehicles

The windscreen cleaner reliably removes the following impurities:

  • road salt
  • road dirt
  • bird droppings
  • diesel soot
  • tyre abrasion
  • brake dust

Windscreen cleaner for the winter

The ADDINOL windscreen cleaner offers the best undiluted frost protection down to -60 °C. Thus, your windscreen wiper water does not freeze even in very cold regions. The water also does not freeze on the windscreen if you have to clean it at minus temperatures. The frost protection can be adjusted as required by means of preset mixing ratios. For Central Europe, frost protection down to -20 °C is usually sufficient. This will save you concentrate for the next use.

A frozen window of a passenger car
Even in winter with frost, the windscreen cleaner must ensure a clear view

Refill windscreen wiper water

If the fill level of the windscreen wiper water tank is very low, the cleaning fluid must be refilled. Always ensure that there is sufficient windscreen cleaner in the wiper system of your car to be able to react to sudden soiling of the windscreen. After all, you want to be able to recognise pedestrians, traffic lights and traffic signs at all times.

You will usually find the filler neck for the windscreen wiper water in the front right-hand corner of the engine compartment. Open the lid and top up the mixture of water and concentrate in the required ratio. Normal tap water can be used to mix the concentrate. This means that there is a small risk of calcification of the system. If you want to eliminate this risk, use distilled water to mix the windscreen wiper water.

In summer, windscreen cleaners without antifreeze can also be poured into the wiper system. However, there is no harm in adding a small amount of antifreeze to prepare for a sudden cold spell.

Refilling washer fluid of a passenger car
Refilling the wiper fluid in the car


Christian Retschke

Christian Retschke

Head of Research and Development