ADDINOL cooler protection – premixed and approved

Besides reliable lubrication, heat exchange is decisive for safe operation of a gas engine. Only the use of a high-quality cooler protection agent guarantees the optimum heat exchange and also offers reliable protection against frost, cavitation and corrosion. The cooler protection agent ADDINOL Antifreeze Extra 4060 is already premixed with a special priming water, which fulfils the technical directives of primary OEMs. This excludes the negative effects of insufficient water qualities on the cooler system. Independently of the local conditions, optimum and stable qualities are achieved and the product is immediately ready for use. Not only service operations profit from this. In particular, with very hard water, the use of Antifreeze Extra 4060 is beneficial. Thanks to the lowest tendency to deposit and the highest engine cleanliness, the cooler protection agent ensures good heat transmission and effective prevention against foam formation. ADDINOL Antifreeze Extra 4060 has also been approved by leading manufacturers.


Heiko Stephan


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