ADDINOL High-performance lubricants for wind power plants - A good bargain under all conditions

In order to make sure that wind turbines, which have proven themselves over many years, remain a lucrative business, operating costs and reliable operation play a decisive role in addition to the price per kWh. While the costs for leasing and operational management are fixed figures, the operators can control and also positively influence the costs for service and maintenance by carefully selecting the optimum lubricants. This also ensures the reliability and efficiency of the systems without interruptions or breakdowns.

Pinwheel at work
Wind power plant in use thanks to good industrial gear oil

Lubricants for long-term planning

Gearboxes, bearings and hydraulic units of a wind turbine operate under high loads: Shocks and vibrations, changing wind speeds and also temperature fluctuations are the order of the day. For trouble-free running and reliable, efficient operation, high-performance lubrication is essential. Long service lives and low maintenance requirements are a further plus, because oil changes and repairs at lofty heights are time-consuming and cost-intensive.

We recommend the use of the high-performance gear oil Eco Gear 320 S. ADDINOL Eco Gear 320 S has already proven itself many times over, especially in gearboxes that already show typical signs of wear and tear or previous damage such as micro-pitting, pitting or even breakouts. Thanks to the innovative Surftec® technology, pre-damaged tooth flanks are smoothed and permanently stabilized. In many cases, this has prevented or at least delayed expensive gear changes. Eco Gear M – ideal for mild climates and constant temperature conditions – and Eco Gear W, especially for modern plants, complete the range. The gear oils of the Eco Gear range guarantee reliable lubrication and potent protection against corrosion and wear and effectively counteract material abrasion, pitting and fatigue during continued operation. In addition, they achieve an increase in efficiency by reducing friction and thus gear power loss. They permit long operating intervals and thus minimize the expenditure for maintenance and oil change-related downtimes.

Gearbox of a wind power plant without damage
Drive pinion with Eco Gear 320 S: tooth flank without micro-pitting or other previous damage

The ADDINOL product range also offers suitable lubricants for hydraulic aggregates and bearings, perfectly adapted to highest demands and extreme operating conditions.

The ADDINOL Hydraulic oils HVLP 15 ... 46 and Ecosynth HEES 32 and 46 ensure the precise and smooth operation of hydraulic units at the steering mechanisms and couplings of the wind turbine. Thanks to their stable viscosity index they ensure safe transmission of braking forces and allow precise control. They display excellent VT behaviour and guarantee optimum flowability even at low temperatures thanks to the low pour point.

The high-performance lubricating greases ADDINOL Eco Grease PD 2-220 Plus as well as PD 2-400 Plus and Combiplex OG 05 complete the high-performance range for wind power plants and are perfectly equipped for high loads and temperatures. They reliably protect the different bearings of a wind power plant against wear and corrosion.

On the safe side with our analysis service

We will be pleased to provide individual and competent advice on all questions concerning the use of lubricants with our knowledge and experience. The use of the high-performance lubricants is accompanied by our comprehensive analysis service. The regular analyses, carried out by renowned, independent laboratories, individually evaluated by our experts in Leuna, provide information about the condition of oil and plant. This allows early indications of malfunctions and damage and maintenance measures can be planned efficiently. In the long term, this not only ensures safe operation, but also efficient cost control.


Volker Maiwald

Sales Germany