Gear lubrication

Gear wheels are used in transmissions to transmit and convert certain speeds and torques. They consist of at least two shafts in which the gears mesh closely. Gearboxes are used in many ways in industry as well as in cars because they guarantee excellent power transmission, high operational reliability, long service life, low maintenance and high efficiency. In order for the gears to transmit the forces as loss-free as possible and to protect the material, lubricants ensure the separation of the friction partners. The lubrication requirements should not be underestimated. In the industrial sector, for example, splash lubrication is often used as a lubrication method.

Clean gears without trances of use
With our oil, your industrial gearbox will remain functional for a long time

Gear lubricants

The gear wheels of gearboxes are under a lot of stress and can wear out if not cared for properly. Despite hardened material and the best surface finish, material chipping, also known as pitting or micropitting, can occur. These damage patterns can considerably shorten the service life of a gearbox. The right lubricant prevents this damage. For industrial gearboxes, we recommend e.g., the ADDINOL ECO GEAR range to provide your gearbox with the best possible care.

Typical properties of gear lubricants are:

  • Strong wear and corrosion protection (for example abrasive wear)
  • Optimised friction behaviour
  • High load bearing capacity
  • Long durability, long replacement intervals
  • Low foaming tendency
  • High temperature resistance and cold flow capacity depending on the application

Which lubricant your gearbox needs always depends on the specific application. Mineral or synthetic oils with different additives are possible. Lubricating greases can also be advantageous in some cases. Many parameters determine the selection process. If you do not know exactly which lubricant your system requires, leave the determination to an expert. Feel free to send your enquiry to our application technology department.

Well oiled gear
Lubricants should separate the friction partners as well as possible


Steffen Homberg

Steffen Homberg

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