0W40 engine oil from ADDINOL

The 0W40 engine oils from ADDINOL are high-quality multigrade oils, based on oils of the latest synthesis technology combined with powerful and innovative additives. The oils have excellent performance and cold start behaviour. They are used in powerful petrol and diesel engines in passenger cars and vans. Just try out our 0W40 oils and see for yourself. With our Oilfinder you can check which oil is suitable for your car.

Our 0W40 engine oils


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BMW Longlife-01, MB 229.3, MB 229.5, VW 502 00, VW 505 00, Ford WSS-M2C937-A, Renault RN0710, Renault RN0700

Information about 0W40 engine oil

What does 0W40 mean?

0W40 stands for the SAE class according to which the engine oil was classified. The SAE class describes the flow properties of the oil as a function of various operating temperatures. Engine oil with class 0W40 is a multigrade oil and therefore exhibits good flow behaviour at cold and warm temperatures. The special temperature behaviour also enables the oil to be used in adverse conditions such as extreme cold. "0W" stands for the viscosity at low temperatures (W=winter). It is still pumpable down to -40 °C, i.e. liquid enough to spread in the engine at these low temperatures. The number "40" describes the kinematic viscosity of the oil at 100 °C. It contains the range of 12.5 - 16.2 mm²/s.

Performance parameters of SAE 0W40
Performance parameters of SAE class 0W40

In general, 0W40 oils work best in a temperature range of -40 °C to +40 °C. Even in cold climates your engine is well protected all year round. The manufacturer's instructions for your vehicle provide information on whether you can use 0W40 engine oil in your car. Only fill your engine with oil that has been approved by the manufacturer to prevent engine damage.

0W40 fully synthetic

The 0W40 engine oil works in a wide temperature range. Therefore, fully synthetic or semi-synthetic base oils are suitable for the production as they have a better temperature resistance than mineral oils. Fully synthetic 0W40 oils are based on artificially produced synthetic oils. For semi-synthetic 0W40 oils, mineral oils are mixed with synthetic oils. The advantage of fully synthetic oils is their higher load-bearing capacity and better ageing resistance. Mineral oils cannot provide the required oil properties required for 0W40 oils.

0W40 or 5W40?

If your car is approved for both 0W40 and 5W40 oil, you are free to choose which oil to fill in. The only difference of the oils lies in the low temperature behaviour. 0W40 is pumpable down to -40 °C, 5W40 down to -35 °C. The use of 0W40 engine oil is therefore recommended for extremely cold regions.

Mixing 0W40 and 5W40

Since the oils have a relatively identical structure, they can also be mixed. The oil properties depend on the inferior oil. It is only advisable to mix the oils if your car has been approved for both SAE classes. If you only have a clearance for 0W40 or 5W40, it is better not to fill any mixture into the engine. There could promote an engine damage.


Mayka Nehrkorn

Product Manager Automotives