10W50 engine oils from ADDINOL for motorcycles

Our engine oil of the SAE classification 10W50 is a high-performance special oil for 4-stroke motorcycles of leading European and Japanese manufacturers. Synthetic base oil components in combination with successfully tested additives guarantee high performance. The 10W50 is also suitable for wet clutches and protects not only the engine but also the gearbox. With our 10W50 oil, you can benefit from a high thermal load capacity and a resource-saving smooth-running character. With our Oilfinder you can check if the 10W50 oil is suitable for your motorcycle.

Our 10W50 engine oils


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10W50 Meaning

Engine oil with the designation "10W50" goes back to the SAE class according to which the oil was specified. As a multigrade oil, the 10W50 meets its requirements in both the high and low temperature ranges. The viscosity of the engine oil remains stable over a wide temperature range. The oils can therefore be used all year round. 10W means that the oil is suitable for winter temperatures down to -30 °C. The second part of the SAE class, the number '50', indicates the kinematic viscosity at 100 °C. With the ADDINOL POLE POSITION 10W-50 this is in the range of 16.3 - 21.8 mm²/s and can therefore also be used in high-performance engines.

Performance parameters of SAE class 10W50
Performance parameters of SAE class 10W50


Sven Köhler

Product Manager Automotives / Gas Engine Oils