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SAE 30 engine oil from ADDINOL

SAE 30 engine oils are based on high-quality, age-resistant mineral oil raffinates with a good viscosity-temperature behaviour. Additives are added depending on the application. SAE 30 oils for classic cars are mostly offered unalloyed. With our Oilfinder you can check whether SAE 30 class oil is suitable for your engine.

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Many classic cars require different oils than modern cars due to the special construction of the engine. Often, for example, the additive packages of the oils are not compatible with individual engine components. For this reason, engine oils for classic cars are offered unalloyed (without additives). In the past it was common for engines for winter and summer operation to use monograde oils that were only tailored to a specific temperature range. Since many classic cars today are only driven during the warm months (April to October), it is sufficient to continue operating them with monograde oils in SAE class 30. It can be used for petrol and diesel engines in classic cars and motorcycles. SAE 30 oil is also excellent for lawn mowers.

SAE 30 Meaning

SAE 30 is the name of the SAE class according to which the engine oil was classified. These are monograde oils which are mainly used at temperatures above freezing point. SAE 30 oils do not have good cold flow properties. Use them only in spring, summer and autumn. The number '30' refers to the kinematic viscosity at 100 °C. This contains at 100 °C (operating temperature in the engine) a range of at least 9.3 -12.4 mm²/s. The engine is optimally protected even under demanding conditions.

Performance parameters of SAE 30
Performance parameters of SAE class 30


Mayka Nehrkorn

Mayka Nehrkorn

Product Manager Automotives