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Hydraulic oil HLPD 46 is a lubricant with pronounced detergent and dispersing properties. This means that the mineral oil can bind a certain amount of water and dirt due to its special additives without losing its lubricating properties. Therefore, the use in hydraulics, where water, dust and abrasion can penetrate into the systems, is possible without problems.

The meaning HLPD 46 is based on the letters HLPD of the hydraulic fluid, which are defined in DIN 51524-2, and the number 46, which refers to the viscosity class of ISO VG.

Our HLPD 46 hydraulic oils


Specifications / Approvals:

DIN 51524-2 (HLPD), DIN EN ISO 6743-4 (HM), Schuler Pressen Schmierstofftabelle DT 55 005 (Brugger >75 N/mm²), Arburg injection moulding machines

Fulfils the requirement acc. to:
MAN N 698, MB DBL 6721

HLPD 46 properties

The HLPD 46 hydraulic oils are characterised by the following properties:

  • Detergent properties
  • Excellent cleaning properties
  • Dispersing properties
  • Excellent wear protection properties
  • Good compatibility with the usual sealing and coating materials

HLPD 46 temperature range

The temperature range for optimal application is between -20 °C and 90 °C. This makes the lubricants suitable for a wide range of temperatures. The HLPD 46 hydraulic oils also have a pour point of -28 °C and a flash point of 242 °C. In normal use, however, the oil will not be exposed to these temperatures.

HLPD 46 viscosity

The viscosity of HLPD 46 is based on the defined viscosity class of ISO VG (International Organization for Standardization Viscosity Grade). This describes that the kinematic viscosity of the hydraulic oil at 40 °C must be between 41.4 and 50.6 mm²/s. The center point viscosity is therefore located at 46 mm²/s. Oil of the ISO VG class 46 can be regarded as comparatively thin. The ISO VG classes range from 2 (very thin) to 1500 (viscous).


Sara Schmorl

Dr. Sara Götze

Product Manager Industry Lubricants