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SAE 75W85 transmission oil by ADDINOL

SAE class 75W85 transmission oils are made of synthetic base oils of the highest quality. This gives them outstanding viscosity-temperature behaviour and makes them suitable for use all year round. They exceed the requirements of the international specification API GL-4 and are excellently suited for manual transmissions which require an API GL-4+ level according to their OEM. With our Oilfinder you can check if SAE 75W85 class oil is suitable for your transmission.

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Specifications / Approvals:

API GL-4 / GL-4+

DTFR 13B150 (MB 235.4), Fiat 9.55550-MZ1, Fiat 9.55550-MX3, Fiat 9.55550-MZ3, VW G 052 513, GM 1940182, Ford WSD-M2C200-C, PSA B71 2330, Nissan MTF HQ Multi, Renault TRP 75W-80, Nissan MT-XZ 75W-85, Chrysler MS-9070, BMW G1, FIAT MTF 94, FIAT MTF 0063, GM/Opel 1940 704, GM/Opel 1942 067, Suzuki 22B30

The transmission oils of SAE class 75W85 are characterised by high thermal and oxidative stability. They therefore ensure a long transmission service life with smooth shifting operations. They are mainly used as service-fill products for a large number of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

SAE 75W85 meaning

75W85 stands for the SAE class, for which transmission oil must have characteristic properties. This classification is made by the Society of Automotive Engineers. In this context, the flow properties of the oil at certain temperatures are of particular importance for the multi-grade oil. The value before the "W" (W = winter suitability) indicates the flowability of the oil at cold temperatures. Transmission oils with 75W remain flowable down to -40°C. The number "85" refers to the kinematic viscosity of the transmission oil at 100°C. This ranges from 11.0 - 13.4 mm²/s.

SAE 75w85 for transmission oils
Classification of transmission oil 75W85 according to SAE


Christian Retschke

Christian Retschke

Head of Research and Development