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All runs perfectly!

With the appropriate lubricant

With more than 650 high-performance lubricants the ADDINOL range offers a solution for almost every lubrication challenge. Because in order to achieve 100 percent performance the lubricant used has to be adapted to the prevailing operating conditions. High loads require a high load-carrying capacity for optimum wear protection. High temperatures require high thermal stability and the lowest possible evaporation loss to achieve long running times with less tendency to deposit. In these cases standard solutions are often insufficient in their performance. The ADDINOL sales engineers and application technicians know the production processes of different industries and the lubrication-related challenges and can recommend suitable lubricating oils, greases, pastes or sprays. Quite often a suitable lubricant has to be developed in the company's own laboratory due to special requirements.

Proper grease selection prevents coking and fires

Icon all runs perfectCustomer: Polyester fiber manufacturer, Germany

Plant: Bearings of heated roller mills

Lubricant: Grease

In the production of polyester fibers, the fibers pass through the so-called fiber drawing line to achieve high tensile strength. Here, the fibers are stretched by passing them through heated roller mills, each consisting of a hollow shaft, a spur gear and two bearings. Saturated steam at a pressure of 16 bar flows through the hollow shaft to heat it to temperatures of around 180 °C. The bearings reach temperatures of up to 210 °C.

Longer relubrication intervals, coking and fires
The polyurea-based grease previously used was unable to cope with the mechanical and thermal loads. The grease leaked through the seals, necessitating relubrication at short notice. This required time-consuming removal of the bearings. Severe coking of the grease made it necessary to completely refill the bearings even every 3 to 4 months. In addition, fires occurred in several cases which endangered the entire production.

ADDINOL Product: Special grease Addiflon PFPE PREMIUM XH 2 Plus

High thermal stability and load carrying capacity

Result: The bearings of the rolls were changed to the special grease Addiflon PFPE PREMIUM XH 2 Plus. A synthetic oil-based grease with a special organic thickener and an additive designed for long-term and boundary lubrication with very high load-carrying capacity. The temperature application range of -40°C to +280°C ensures a stable lubricating film even at the high process temperatures of 210°C in the bearings of the roller mills. Addiflon PFPE Premium XH 2 Plus is stable against thermal and chemical decomposition. Polymerisation and coking processes are successfully prevented. With the changeover to the ADDINOL special grease the relubrication intervals could be extended again and unscheduled downtimes due to cleaning processes or fires could be avoided.

Large-scale production despite high loads

Icon all runs perfectCustomer: Automotive industry supplier, Italy

System: Hydraulic presses in large-scale production of automotive parts

Lubricant: Hydraulic and gear oil

The compact gearboxes in large presses, which work with a power output of 1,000 to 100,000 kN, operate at a low rotational frequency and are exposed to high, shock-like loads. The same applies to the hydraulic systems installed. Lubricants that do not meet these special requirements promote the formation of pitting on the gear tooth surfaces, cause jerky sliding of hydraulic cylinders and lower delivery rates of hydraulic pumps. Consequences which permanently damage the longevity of components and disturb the production process.

ADDINOL product: ADDINOL Hydraulic oils HLPD and ADDINOL Gear oils CLP MW

For a reliable lubrication, special attention was paid to a high wear protection for the application in the presses of the manufacturer Schuler Pressen GmbH. For the application recommendation the Brugger value was therefore taken into account as the decisive criterion for the assessment of the load capacity. A wear value that clearly exceeds the minimum requirement of DIN standard 51517-3 for gear oils and DIN 51524 for hydraulic oils.

Wear protection significantly above the DIN requirement

Result: In its lubricant table DT 55 005 Schuler Pressen GmbH distinguishes between gear oils with a Brugger value of at least 50 N/mm² for normal loads and for high loads with a Brugger value of at least 75 N/mm². ADDINOL gear oils of the series CLP MW are among the few products approved by Schuler by name and show an above-average Brugger value of > 80 N/mm². ADDINOL CLP 68 MW and 100 MW are used in blanking presses, ADDINOL CLP 150 MW in large presses. The ADDINOL hydraulic oils HLPD 46 and 68 released by Schuler are also characterised by a remarkably high load capacity. They achieve a Brugger value of > 50 N/mm² which is excellent for hydraulic oils. By selecting ADDINOL gear and hydraulic oils with outstanding wear protection the production at the large presses could be ensured permanently and without unscheduled downtimes.

Longer oil service life despite adverse conditions

Icon all runs perfectCustomer: Logistics company, Port of Klang, Malaysia

System: Harbour cranes

Lubricant: Gear oil

Challenge: Aggressive salt and high humidity: Harbor cranes operate under corrosive conditions that affect their service life. Added to this are changing load conditions caused by loading and unloading as well as lifting and lowering the bucket. Different material densities occur when handling raw materials such as coal, construction materials such as gravel, or foodstuffs such as grain. They pose a number of challenges for operator and machine under which the mineral industrial gear oil (ISO-VG 220) used before had to be changed annually.

ADDINOL Product: Gear oil ADDINOL Eco Gear 220 M

Result: In order to ensure the performance of the bulk material cranes and the longevity of the stressed gears in the port of Klang the high-performance industrial gear oils of ADDINOL Eco Gear Series M were applied and analytically accompanied. Oil samples were taken after 8, 21, 34 and 46 months and examined by an independent laboratory. The engineers of the ADDINOL application technology evaluated the laboratory reports according to typical key figures such as viscosity, oil oxidation and impurities like water content and wear elements. The viscosity remained stable over the application time and was still within the predefined range for ISO VG 220. Oil oxidation and neutralisation number were on a low level. Unusually high levels of contamination, such as from dust or dirt, were not detected. With 3 ppm iron, almost no wear elements were detected either. Due to the excellent condition of oil and gearbox, the oil life was extended by another 12 months. The next oil test as well as diagnosis will be carried out after a total service life of 60 months.
By switching to ADDINOL Eco Gear M the operator of the harbour cranes saves the costs for oil change and fresh oil which had been incurred annually so far. In the meantime costs for four oil changes as well as for 340 liters of fresh oil were saved by the application of ADDINOL Eco Gear M. Moreover, the operator had no lubrication-related downtimes in the last 48 months.

Food grade lubricants for hop harvesting

Icon all runs perfectCustomer: Vehicle and machine construction, Germany

Plant: Harvester for real hops

Lubricant: Chain oil as food grade lubricant

Challenge: True hops are cultivated in the northern hemisphere mainly for brewing beer, but also for food and to a small extent for medicines. Since the hop cones are destined for further processing in the food and beverage industry, strict food regulations must already be observed during harvesting. For this reason, a lubricant complying with NSF H1 is used in the conveyor systems of the picking machines, as accidental contact between the lubricant and the hop cone during the harvesting process cannot be ruled out. At the same time, the chain oil must reliably lubricate the precise conveyor technology to ensure a gentle picking process for each individual hop cone in the various units - even with a high degree of contamination from dust and plant parts. As problems with the previously used lubricant occurred again and again in the past, the company changed over to ADDINOL FoodProof Uni 15 S.

ADDINOL Product: ADDINOL FoodProof Uni 15 S

High-performance chain oil with NSF H1 certification

Result: All ingredients of the ADDINOL FoodProof UNI S series are food safe and correspond to the European guidelines, the NSF category H1 and the requirements of Kosher and Halal. The fully synthetic high-performance oil based on PAO base oils effectively protects the machine components against wear and corrosion. The excellent water separation capacity as well as the low foaming are optimally adapted to the operating conditions of the hop picking machine. ADDINOL FoodProof Uni 15 S is applied in the harvesting machines via a central lubrication system and ensures trouble-free operation in all delivered machines with the beginning of the harvesting season 2020.

Our core business

In the industrial sector, ADDINOL offers a wide range of quality products, from gas engine oils, industrial gear oils, high temperature chain lubricants, food grade lubricants to specialty greases. Additionally, we carry conventional and fire resistant hydraulic fluids, turbine oils and compressor oils.

Our lubricants are used in wood and gypsum board production, BOPP, food processing industry, biogas  and power generation segments. All lubricants meet the highest standards and carry approvals by many OEMs. We provide you with tailored made solutions that minimize downtime and maximize cost savings. You can benefit from the expertise of our experienced application technology. Get in touch with our North American Sales Team to learn more and begin benefiting right away.



Christian Retschke

Head of Research and Development