Front runner – with ADDINOL Cliptec XHS 485 FG

The safety of the consumer comes first. Lubricants that are used in the production and packaging of food and beverages must be odourless and tasteless and, above all, comply with food law requirements. With the products of the FoodProof series, ADDINOL offers a wide range of lubricants that can be used in production and packaging. All products are certified according to the most important international classification – NSF H1 (National Sanitation Foundation).

In some areas of application, special lubricants, such as high-temperature chain oils, also have to meet the technical food requirements. For example, high-temperature chain oils must be NSF H1 registered in the manufacturing of plastic films that are used as food packaging where a contact between lubricant and food cannot be ruled out. At the same time, however, the chain lubricant should also show outstanding performance under the particularly difficult operating conditions of film production. A task that has not been technologically feasible in recent years. Until now, the manufacturers of plastic films had to accept significant limitations. This affected both the performance or speed of their systems and the later use of films for food packaging.

First of its kind!

The new high-performance chain lubricant Cliptec XHS 485 FG breaks the technological boundaries and masters the previously impossible balancing act. It shows outstanding performance in the difficult environment of film stretching lines and can be used where a NSF H1 registration is required. In addition, ADDINOL was the first to receive approval from the manufacturer of film stretching lines, BRÜCKNER Maschinenbau.

For the release, ADDINOL Cliptec XHS 485 FG was subjected to extensive load tests at BRÜCKNER in addition to the required NSF registration. Among other things, the load carrying capacity, the evaporation loss, the deposition behaviour and the compatibility with materials were examined. In the tests, the excellent ageing resistance and the very good wear and corrosion protection were proven and due to the excellent results, the approval for the following BRÜCKNER sliding chain systems was granted

•   FOK 4.4.1 •   FOK 4.4.4 •   FOK 4.5 •   FOK 5.1
•   FOK 4.4.2 •   FOK 4.4.5 •   FOK 4.7 •   FOK 5.2
•   FOK 4.4.3 •   FOK 4.4.6 •   FOK 4.7.2 •   FOK 8.8

ADDINOL Cliptec XHS 485 FG has also been tested according to the Jewish and Islamic food regulations and purity laws and is certified according to Kosher and Halal.

Your specialist for high-temperature chain oils, application in film stretching lines and NSF-H1 registered lubricants.

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published: 05.06.2019


Jana Dudda

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