New water-miscible coolants

Boron-containing compounds are suspected of causing or promoting diseases and therefore products with boron-containing compounds at a minimum concentration of 0.3 % are subject to a separate labelling obligation with immediate effect. For this reason, we will include new water-miscible coolants in our product range that are completely free of boron compounds and do not form boric acids during application. Thus, the ADDINOL range of water-miscible coolants remains competitive and offers products which are harmless to health in line with the current requirements.

The advantages of the new coolants at a glance:

  • Improved formulations
  • Longer operating times possible
  • Lowest susceptibility to bacterial infestation or fungal growth – usually no use of biocides or similar necessary
  • Better rinsing behaviour
  • More universal use
  • Improved material compatibility
  • WM 442 – up to 80% non-ferrous metal machining possible
  • WM 102 – Grinding work possible

The new product range

ADDINOL PENTA-COOL WM 102 is free of boron compounds and does not contain formaldehyde releasers. It is low-foaming in the recommended mixing water and universally suitable for grinding work. The profile is rounded off by very good cooling and flushing properties as well as good corrosion protection. The areas of application for PENTA-COOL WM 102 include the machining of iron, steel, alloyed steel, cast iron, aluminium and plastics. It should not be used with magnesium alloys.

ADDINOL PENTA-COOL WM 442 is a boric acid-free, amine-containing coolant concentrate for universal application and also for heavy machining processes. It is suitable for machining iron, steel, aluminium, cast alloys and non-ferrous metals. For the machining of magnesium alloys please contact the ADDINOL application technology for more information.

In addition, ADDINOL PENTA-COOL WS 251 is introduced. It is a mineral oil-free, water-soluble coolant concentrate for use on individually filled machines or centralised systems. The modern inhibitor technology ensures good biological stability. The product is free of bactericides. Typical applications are the grinding of alloyed and unalloyed steels as well as cast iron. The coolant is only conditionally suitable for machining copper, aluminium and non-ferrous metal materials.

published: 02.01.2023


Jana Dudda

Jana Dudda


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