New engine oils at the end of the year

At the end of 2023, we will be adding another two new products to our range to reflect the ongoing developments in the automotive industry.

Professional 0530 E8/E11

With the continuous development of engine and exhaust aftertreatment technologies, the ACEA (Association of European Engine Manufacturers) introduced new tests and categories in 2022 to account for the increasing requirements. Categories E6 and E9 have been replaced by categories E8 and E11. The engine oils in this new classification must fulfil higher requirements in terms of oxidation stability, piston cleanliness, fuel efficiency, reduction of exhaust emissions and durability.

We have now optimised the formulation of our tried-and-tested Professional oil in SAE grade 5W-30 and are using an even more powerful additive package. With this formulation adjustment, we are completing our ADDINOL Professional range with a further engine oil for commercial vehicles in the ACEA categories E8 and E11.

ADDINOL Professional 0530 E8/E11 is a Low-SAPS oil and meets the Euro V and VI standards. It is characterised by reliable protection against corrosion and wear, effectively minimises deposits and achieves high fuel efficiency through optimised friction behaviour. It can be used universally and is also suitable for cold climates.

ADDINOL Professional 0530 E8/E11 is available from the middle of December 2023.


Superior 020 P

With the new engine oil ADDINOL Superior 020 P we add to our range of fuel-economy engine oils for increased fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions. ADDINOL Superior 020 P is based on high-quality synthetic base oils and a future-orientated additive package that is specifically tailored to the requirements of the PSA Group. ADDINOL Superior 020 P is used in many vehicles of the PSA Group such as Citröen, Peugeot, Opel and Toyota with first registration from 2018, which require the PSA B71 2010 specification. Strict engine tests with regard to reliable corrosion and wear protection, water separation capacity and sludge formation are the prerequisites. ADDINOL Superior 020 P is one of the few products on the market that meet these high requirements.

The mid-SAPS engine oil ADDINOL Superior 020 P achieves maximum engine cleanliness in use and prevents the LSPI (Low Speed Pre Ignition) effect in accordance with the API SP requirements. Maximum thermal stability and the stable viscosity level ensure reliable lubrication over a wide application range. Even many cold starts at high power, typical for hybrid vehicles, are handled without any problems.

The significant extension of the oil change intervals, the reduction in exhaust emissions and the above-average use of bio-based components reduce the CO2 footprint and offer a sustainable product for the user.

ADDINOL Superior 020 P will be launched in Q1/2024.


published: 12.12.2023


Jana Dudda


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