New all-rounder: ADDINOL Care Protect

In the new year, three letters stand for performance at ADDINOL: ACP. With ADDINOL Care Protect, we are introducing a high-quality multifunctional oil that covers a wide range of applications in the private and professional sector. We combine synthetic base oils and carboxylic acid esters with a high-performance additive package to create an effective corrosion protection oil. ACP is suitable for the lubrication, preservation and cleaning of all surfaces and for all applications. This includes work in the home, garden and workshop, but also in the maintenance of production facilities. Typical applications include the lubrication of hinges, threads or screws, the removal of rust or dirt from metal surfaces and the preservation of tools.

ACP is characterised by outstanding corrosion protection properties (even in the presence of water), a wide application temperature range and excellent wear protection. ACP creates a stable lubricating film for the long-term protection of all workpieces. It loosens tight connections and permeates rust thanks to its excellent penetrating properties. Our new multifunctional oil is also solvent-free and odourless.

ACP will be available in 200 ml and 500 ml spray cans. The spray cans are equipped with a variable spray head. This allows ADDINOL Care Protect to be applied either over a large area or onto single spots – a multifunctional oil that can be used in all situations.

ACP spray super hero campaign

published: 05.02.2024


Jana Dudda

Jana Dudda


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