New products in June

The lubricants market is constantly evolving and we are keeping up with the pace. With our new products in June 2023, we are responding to the current changes in supply and demand.

Product replacement for Lubricating Oil RL 2

Due to the limited availability of raw materials and the reclassification of a component of our ADDINOL Lubricating Oil RL 2 we have developed an improved formulation. As a result, the new ADDINOL Lubricating Oil RL 3 is included in our ADDINOL product range as a 1:1 replacement.

ADDINOL Lubricating Oil RL 3 offers the user a bearing, circulating and machine oil with the proven advantages of its predecessor. ADDINOL Lubricating Oil RL 3 is used in machine tools, fast running spindles in the textile industry, measuring instruments and fast running fine mechanical devices. It is characterised by best ageing stability and protects the components reliably against corrosion and wear. ADDINOL Lubricating Oil RL 2 and RL 3 can be mixed without problems.

Industrial textile machine

Industrial textile machines need suitable oils

Additional product in the area of compressor oils

Due to increasing demand, the PAO-based ADDINOL compressor oil VDL S is now also available in ISO VG 100. The new ADDINOL compressor oil VDL 100 S impresses with a highly effective additive combination for the improvement of ageing stability, corrosion and wear protection. It can be used in air compressors, screw compressors, sliding vane compressors and selected refrigeration machines.

Rotor of an air screw compressor

Rotor of an air screw compressor

published: 02.06.2023


Jana Dudda


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