New hydraulic oils HV Eco Fluid AF

The possible applications for hydraulic fluids are manifold and range from mobile applications in agriculture and construction to stationary equipment in many branches of industry. This variety of uses requires a wide range of hydraulic fluids that provide high-performance lubrication, reliable power transmission, safe protection against corrosion and wear, and the stable dissipation of heat and contaminants.

ADDINOL HV Eco Fluid AF is available in viscosities 32 and 46. Due to its extraordinary viscosity-temperature behaviour, the mineral oil-based hydraulic fluid with a zinc-free combination of additives is ideally suited for use in mobile hydraulics in year-round operation and also achieves high hydraulic power at full load in stationary systems. Especially when exposed to humidity, the zinc-free additivation brings advantages for the user and supports long operating intervals. The formation of deposits and sludge is effectively prevented. The multi-grade character and the reliable protection against wear and corrosion belong to the performance profile of ADDINOL HV Eco Fluid AF as well as a high ageing and shear stability. Due to best friction properties ADDINOL HV Eco Fluid AF achieves a high energy saving potential. ADDINOL HV Eco Fluid 32 and 46 AF are approved for injection moulding machines of Engel and KraussMaffei Technologies.

The ADDINOL product range includes hydraulic fluids for various applications and OEM requirements. A practical two-page Product Overview is available for your information. In addition, our Performance Profile on the topic of hydraulic fluids provides a comprehensive insight into the advantages of our range and explains important product features such as cleanliness class, filterability, demulsification behaviour, air separation capacity and viscosity index in detail.

published: 15.06.2023


Jana Dudda


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