ADDINOL relies on start-up innovation to store its solar power

The lubricant specialist ADDINOL Lube Oil GmbH decided to use the energy storage technology of the start-up Hypnetic GmbH from Hanover for the expansion of the PV green electricity generated on the company site in Leuna, a worldwide new functional principle.

“For ADDINOL, this project is another milestone towards a sustainable and independent energy supply. After our photovoltaic system on the newly built warehouse went into operation last October, we are taking the next step with Hypnetic’s energy storage system, also in order to be able to realise the already planned expansion of photovoltaic electricity at the Leuna production site in the coming years,” says managing director Georg Wildegger. He became aware of Hypnetic in the newspaper “WirtschaftsWoche” back in May 2021 because it was named Start-up of the Week #19. Since then, there has been a proactive cooperation between the established medium-sized company and a young technology start-up.

Hypnetic GmbH has been developing the first decentralised and modular compressed air energy storage system based on a hydraulic principle for industrial applications since 2019. Thanks to a bidirectional energy conversion principle in the power unit of the Hypnetic energy storage unit, which has been developed over many years and with the support of numerous partners, and an innovative heat recovery concept, economic advantages can be achieved compared to a comparable large-scale battery. The innovations have been tested since 2021 in the Hypnetic prototype, which the young company operates in cooperation with the Institute for Electrical Energy Systems at Leibniz University of Hanover. Hypnetic is also supported by 3Energie-Consulting, which offers extensive practical experience and know-how for energy storage projects and sets strategic milestones.

“For us, the joint pilot project is a reward for the hard work we put into the development of the Hypnetic energy storage system. Of course, we would also like to prove the performance of our technology on a large scale with our first practical application and lay the foundation for a successful market entry,” Alexander Börgel, co-founder and managing director of Hypnetic, sums up the prestigious project.

Georg Wildegger and Alexander Börgel in Leuna

Georg Wildegger (left) and Alexander Börgel (right) signed a promising cooperation (©Matthias Kuch)

published: 21.06.2023


Jana Dudda

Jana Dudda


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