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Interview with Anna Murašina –

technical director at ADDINOL OÜ



1.How does the work as technical director at ADDINOL look like?

I advise customers in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania as well as in Bulgaria and Moldova on technical issues. This includes, for example, selecting the optimum lubricant for a special application, assistance with the rinsing process and the changeover to ADDINOL lubricants or the recommendation of sprays for maintenance and repair work. I have to be able to recognize technical problems of our customers and offer suitable lubricant solutions. If the production is already stopped, our assistance must be efficient and fast. With the optimum lubricant and fast delivery through our partner network, our customers save high costs through further production downtimes and maintenance.

The fields of application for our lubricating oils, greases and sprays are as diverse as the production processes in a wide variety of industries.  As technical director, I am systematizing information streams about the different applications of our lubricants and the lubrication-related context and provide them to our ADDINOL partners. In the first instance, our sales partners benefit from our technical support, but in the end the technicians, maintenance engineers and lubricant managers of our customers  are the ones who benefit.

2. You have been associated with ADDINOL and the world of lubricants for almost 20 years. How has your work at ADDINOL began?

I have a degree in Management and Marketing and had applied for a management position at ADDINOL OÜ. In the end, however, I was nominated for another vacancy. After passing a language test for Russian and German I started as a translator for technical texts.  Looking back, it might even be a stroke of luck because I had to read a lot of technical literature, dismantle engines, gearboxes and other machines myself in order to understand the technical connections. After all, this was the only way I could translate technical texts flawlessly. My colleagues, who already had extensive know-how in the field of tribology, were also a great help to me. Especially Vladimir Gutkevich, Sales Manager ADDINOL Russia, I am very grateful for his support and for his patience.

3. What helps you in your work as technical Director?

With more than 650 lubricating oils, greases and sprays in the ADDINOL range, the fields of application are manifold. You have to keep your professional curiosity and perhaps a little childlike spirit of discovery. You constantly learn something new and that fascinates me about my job. Since there are no limits to the further development of lubricants, I passed the STLE (Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers) certification exam in 2018. The exam questions related to the design of different plants, their damages and how to repair them. For example, a hydraulic cylinder is mounted vertically, the piston rod points upwards, is partially extended and carries a load. Both connections are locked. The stuffing box ring of the piston rod is in perfect condition, but the roof sleeves of the piston are worn out. How does the piston rod behave? Or how does cavitation in the pump manifest itself, what is the “beta value” of a lubrication oil filter? There were many questions about the various chemical and physical variables. For example, what are tensides? To which class do the hydraulic fluids HFC belong?

4. What are your next projects as technical director?

Our sales network for the Baltic market is growing and so we currently have many new employees. I would like to give them the independence and security to be ableoffering ADDINOL lubricants for the different production processes. It is also about a comprehensive service, which we are offering for  the use of our lubricants.


published: 08.03.2019


Jana Dudda

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