Unique turbine oil for use in chlorine gas compressors

Chemically, chlorine is a very versatile element and is therefore used in numerous syntheses: For example in the production of PVC, polycarbonate and polyurethane. Chlorinated substances are also found in many synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, but also in about 85% of all pharmaceuticals.

However, chlorine is also an aggressive, highly reactive chemical element that causes severe corrosion. Despite the use of complex protective mechanisms (e.g. labyrinth seals or the use of nitrogen), the contamination of the lubricant by the medium to be compressed, i.e. chlorine gas, cannot be excluded when compressors are in operation.

Corrosion impairs the function of the components and thus the operation of the system. In addition, the introduction of chlorine accelerates oil aging extremely. This results in unscheduled downtimes. In this context, repairs can easily amount to 200 to 300,000 €. Downtimes for a chlorine gas compressor are estimated at at least 800,000 € per day. Furthermore, there are longer waiting times due to limited availability of compressor spare parts.

ADDINOL Turbine Oil CA was developed in cooperation with Siemens Turbomachinery Equipment GmbH specifically for the application in chlorine gas compressors in order to effectively control chlorinated compounds during operation as the first and so far only turbine oil on the market. The innovative additive technology of ADDINOL Turbine Oil CA ensures the chemical bond of up to 1,000 ppm. Far more than the 50 ppm specified by Siemens Turbomachinery Equipment GmbH as maximum inlet quantity. The extraordinary performance of the chlorine scavenger could be proved successfully in a certified laboratory, for tests with chlorine gas but also in practical use for many years.

Case of application

A worldwide leading company in the field of special chemicals with several production sites in Europe has already been using ADDINOL Turbine Oil CA since July 2017. Since then the condition of turbine oil and plant is accompanied by regular oil analyses especially developed for chlorine gas applications. The evaluation of the analyses by the ADDINOL Application Technology has shown that even larger, technically caused leakages and the subsequent occurrence of 1,354 ppm chlorine did not have any essential effects on the condition of the components and the performance of the oil. Oxidation, viscosity, RULER as well as the i-pH value as characteristic value for strong acids in the oil were inconspicuous. By using ADDINOL Turbine Oil Ca, unplanned shutdowns and repairs due to chlorine gas ingress could be avoided and the running time until the next scheduled maintenance date could be maximized.

In addition to the special load caused by chlorine-containing compounds, the usual requirements for turbo compressors, such as high loads, speeds and temperatures, are on the agenda. With its high-performance level ADDINOL Turbine Oil CA meets and exceeds the minimum requirements for turbine oils (DIN 51515-2) used under increased thermal load.

  • excellent ageing stability due to high-quality basic components
  • effective prevention of foam formation for trouble-free operation (without loss of performance)
  • highest thermal stability for reliable lubrication under high temperature loads
  • maximum plant efficiency and even power transmission due to excellent air and water separation
Parameters of the ADDINOL Turbine Oil CA
The ADDINOL Turbine Oil CA exceeds the requirements of common specifications
published: 19.11.2020


Jana Dudda

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