Cleaning and protection of entire systems Cleaning and protection of entire systems Cleaning and protection of entire systems

Cleaning and protection of entire systems

In the context of general maintenance and repair or chains, slide elements and roller systems, for fault-free operation we recommend regular system cleaning with the ADDINOL System Cleaner HT. ADDINOL System Cleaner HT is designed for the cleaning and protection of the entire lubrication and transport system at temperatures of up to +240 °C.

Even during the commissioning of a new system with the ADDINOL Cliptec XHS chain oil, the use of the ADDINOL System Cleaner HT can offer decisive benefits:

  • it neutralises and removes aggressive chemicals and residues on friction partners,
  • reliably counteracts the formation of deposits and
  • makes a considerable contribution to the cleanliness of the entire system.

In addition, when changing to a high-performance chain lubricant of the ADDINOL Cliptec XHS series, we recommend cleaning with the ADDINOL System Cleaner HT for optimum preparation. The product thoroughly frees the slide and rolling chain system from cleaning residues, deposits of the previously used product and other foreign bodies. Impurities are dissolved thanks to active creepage and cleaning abilities and are removed as ultrafine particles. Thus, a reliable lubricant infeed, high levels of cleanliness and the optimum function of the transport system are guaranteed.

Thanks to ADDINOL System Cleaner HT, planned OEM maintenance intervals are extended. In addition, a reduction in energy and lubricant consumption as well as maintenance costs is achieved.

In every case, please comply with the instructions of the system manufacturer!


Steffen Homberg

Steffen Homberg

Product Manager Special Lubricants

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