Engine oils for Ford

The American automobile manufacturer Ford publishes its own specifications for engine oils. These apply to popular models such as Ford Ka, Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus or Ford Mondeo. With our Oilfinder you will find the right oil for your model. Benefit from the best wear and corrosion protection and ensure a long engine life with our oils.

Which ADDINOL engine oil is the best for my Ford?

Only fill your car with engine oil, which is recommended in the operating instructions. The manufacturer's guarantee from Ford is thus maintained. We have summarized the ADDINOL engine oils, which correspond to the Ford standards.


Specifications / Approvals:

WSS-M2C 913-D


ADDINOL Premium 030 FD

Specifications / Approvals:

WSS-M2C 950-A


The exact oil that can be filled into your Ford depends on factors such as year of manufacture, engine type and fuel used. Check with our Oilfinder, which oil fits to your Ford Ka, Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus or Ford Mondeo.

Ford Capri on the road
We meet many Ford specifications with our engine oils

OEM specifications of Ford

Ford standardSAE classesField of application
WSS-M2C 913-D5W30Otto- and diesel engines except KA TDCi before 2009, Galaxy 1.9 TDi and 2.5 Duratec-ST/RS, backward compatible with M2C 913-A, -B and -C
WSS-M2C 917-A5W40Petrol and diesel engines KA 2009 and Galaxy 1.9 TDI, meets requirements for ACEA A3/B4/C3
WSS-M2C 925-B0W20, 5W20, 5W30Low-viscosity engine oil for selected gasoline engines, complies with ACEA A5/B5
WSS-M2C 934-B5W30Diesel engines with DPF, complies with ACEA C1
WSS-M2C 937-A0W402,5 Duratec-ST/RS engine, especially for Ford Focus
WSS-M2C 948-B5W20Low-viscosity engine oil for selected gasoline engines
WSS-M2C 950-A0W30Diesel engines of Mondeo and Focus models from MY 10/2014 up

There are more specifications from Ford, but they are less common or outdated. The table concentrates on the most important currently valid Ford releases.


Mayka Nehrkorn

Product Manager Automotives