New product range for classic vehicles

Just in time for our 85th anniversary, we are launching an updated and expanded range for the lubrication of classic vehicles, thus continuing our tradition. Oldtimers and youngtimers place completely different demands on their lubrication than today’s vehicles and modern, highly additivated engine oils can cause severe engine damage in the valuable collector’s pieces. Therefore, the use of an optimally tailored lubricant is essential, especially in these vehicles.

The ADDINOL Legends range comprises engine and transmission oils for vehicles of all decades and presents itself with a specially designed label. The engine oils ADDINOL Legends M 30 and M 50 without additivation are suitable for vehicles from the 1930s. The mildly additivated engine oils ADDINOL Legends 10W-30 and 15W-40 are used in vehicles of the 50s to 70s. ADDINOL Legends 10W-40 and 20W-50 with their additives are tailored to the higher requirements in modern classic cars built from 1970 onwards. ADDINOL Legends GL 80W, GL 90 and GL 140 ensure the reliable lubrication of manual transmissions, ADDINOL Legends ATF is available for automatic transmissions.

Overview of the ADDINOL Legends range:

ADDINOL Classic vehicles range 2021

The introduction of the Legends range starts with the new engine oils Legends 10W-40, Legends 15W-40 as well as Legends 20W-50. The established products will be gradually changed over to the new design after their sale.

In the new brochure “ADDINOL Classics, Lubricants and Specialities for Antique Cars” you will find all information on the product range and many useful tips for the right choice as well as the application of the suitable lubricant.

For all further information on technical parameters and specifications please refer to the corresponding product data sheets. If you have any questions, please contact your ADDINOL representative.

published: 19.05.2021


Jana Dudda


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