New liquid grease: ADDIFLON Premium XH 0 Plus

In recent years, our high-performance lubricating greases of the ADDIFLON PFPE series have proven themselves in a variety of highly stressed applications. They are ideal for roller and sliding bearings subject to high thermal loads and are successfully used, for example, in the rollers of conveyor systems, in drying, painting and curing ovens or in tunnel kiln systems.

The ADDIFLON PFPE range includes ADDIFLON PFPE Premium XH 1 PLUS in NLGI grade 1 and ADDIFLON PFPE Premium XH 2 PLUS in NLGI grade 2. This range is now extended by ADDIFLON PFPE Premium XH 0 PLUS, a liquid grease in NLGI grade 0.

This white liquid grease is characterized by a wide operating temperature range from -40°C up to +260°C and is highly resistant to temperature variation and high loads. In addition, ADDIFLON PFPE Premium XH 0 PLUS provides excellent corrosion protection and is insensitive to water and aggressive chemicals such as solvents, concentrated acids and lyes as well as alcohols and halogens.

ADDIFLON PFPE Premium XH 0 PLUS achieves long service lives of the lubricated components and was developed specifically for the applications shown opposite.

Characteristics ADDIFLON PFPE Premium XH 0 PLUS
Colour white
Texture Paste-like, homogenous
Thickener Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE)
Base oil type Perfluoropolyether (PFPE)
Base oil viscosity at 40°C 420 mm²/s
NLGI-grade 0
VKA-welding load 6.500 N
Steel corrosion (EMCOR) 0 / 0
Drop point non-dripping
Application temperature -40°C up to +260°C
DIN classification KFK0U-40

Areas of application

  • Ball screws and positioning devices on machine tools (CNC, milling and turning machines, boring mills and machining centres)
  • High precision measuring systems
  • Low-backlash or backlash-free guideways and linear axes in injection moulding machines, textile industry, medical technology and automation
  • Precision mechanics in 3D printing machines (rapid prototyping) and robotics
  • Adjustment drives in chemical industry
ADDINOL liquid grease
published: 08.12.2020


Jana Dudda


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