New compressor oil for biogas applications

The development of biogas varies around the world, as it depends not only on the availability of raw materials, but also on policies that promote the production and use of biogas. Europe, the People’s Republic of China, and the United States account for 90% of global production. About half of the remaining production comes from developing Asian countries, mainly Thailand and India. In this context, the use of biogas contributes on the one hand to achieving national climate targets, and on the other hand to reducing dependence on imported energy sources.

In order to not only expand renewable energies, but also to establish them more broadly, the focus is increasingly on the processing and use of biomethane in addition to the use of biogas. Biomethane is an almost pure source of methane, obtained either by upgrading biogas or by gasifying solid biomass with subsequent methanation, and achieves the same degree of purity as natural gas from fossil fuels. For this reason, biomethane is also referred to as “renewable natural gas” or RNG and is considered an equivalent substitute for fossil natural gas in the generation of electricity, heat or as fuel.

The upgrading of biogas to biomethane mainly removes the associated gas CO2, water and hydrogen sulfide as well as volatile organic compounds. Various gas upgrading processes are used or combined. The product gas is then compressed. Here, mainly screw compressors are applied for which ADDINOL Compressor Oil RNG 68 has been especially developed.

ADDINOL Compressor Oil RNG 68 consists of synthetic oils on PAO basis and a highly effective additive combination which enable the application in demanding fields of application such as operation with untreated and treated biogas. It offers excellent protection against the corrosive effects. ADDINOL Compressor Oil RNG 68 counteracts an occurring acidification by a very good oxidation resistance and can achieve an extension of the oil operating time compared to conventional compressor oils despite the contamination of the process gas. As a newcomer in the range of ADDINOL compressor oils the compressor oil RNG 68 has an excellent foaming and demulsifying behaviour in the usual quality.

Rotor of an air screw compressor

Rotor of an air screw compressor

published: 28.02.2023


Jana Dudda


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