International partner conference in Bologna 2022

From 07.06.2022 to 09.06.2022, after a long wait, the international partner conference finally took place in Bologna. Due to the Corona pandemic and the associated travel restrictions, the conference, which is held every two years in a partner country, had to be postponed twice. It was very great to welcome ADDINOL partners from all over the world to Italy this year.

First the work…

For many partners, the day of arrival already began with the first personal meetings. The evening was rounded off with a welcome dinner. On Wednesday and Thursday, various presentations and workshops were held by the team of the ADDINOL Lube Oil GmbH and international partners, which provided interesting insights behind the scenes of the worldwide activities of ADDINOL. On the one hand, product innovations in the fields of automotive, chain lubricants, gas engine oils and more were discussed. On the other hand, success stories from different countries such as Indonesia, Peru, Romania or Italy were shared. The colourful mix of information stimulated many interesting discussions. Apart from the presentations, there was always time for individual and personal talks. After everyone had to keep their distance for two years, it was extremely important to maintain relationships across national borders, but also to get to know new colleagues. After all, the meeting of the international ADDINOL partners is an excellent opportunity to benefit from the wealth of experience and personal exchange as a new distribution partner.

ADDINOL Partnertagung Präsentation

…then the pleasure!

The days in Bologna ended with two amazing evening events. First, the historic city centre of Bologna was explored, followed by a fantastic view from a villa above the city. On the second evening, the speed was increased. In nearby Modena, a tour in the Ferrari Museum took place. This was followed by an appealing dinner in a showroom with historic Ferrari models. The days always ended with a satisfied smile on the faces of all participants.

Bon jour France!

We would like to thank all partners and the ADDINOL team for the planning and realisation of the meeting, the stimulating discussions and the positive atmosphere. The countdown for the next meeting is already running. This event is planned for 2024 in France.

À bientôt!

ADDINOL Partnertagung Gruppenfoto

published: 20.06.2022


Jana Dudda


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