ADDINOL presents specialty lubricants for the textile industry at Saigontex, Vietnam


addinol_News_Textilindustrie Saigontex

05.04.2017 – 08.04.2017

Ho-Chi-Minh City

ADDINOL presents specialty lubricants for the textile industry at Saigontex, Vietnam

Vietnam now is one of the top five countries in terms of clothing exports. It is not surprising that already the 30th Vietnam Saigontex Textile and Clothing Industry Expo will open its gates from April, 5th to April, 8th 2017 in Ho-Chi-Minh City. The international trade fair for machinery and equipment used in textile industry takes place with the Vietnam Fabric & Clothing Expo on an annually rotating basis, and is visited every year by up to 15,000 experts from Vietnam and neighbouring countries. More than 650 exhibitors from 22 countries present products and services from the fields of textile machinery, raw materials, fabrics and accessories as well as spare parts at Saigontex.

As a long-standing and exclusive distributor partner in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia), Unimart Quang Thinh Forwarding and Trading Join Stock Company will present ADDINOL high-performance lubricants for textile industry. The focus is, of course, on ADDINOL products optimised for the requirements of textile industry: high-performance gear oils, high-temperature chain oils, greases, pastes and sprays that are designed for non-stop operation 365 days a year and the prevailing high operating temperatures typical of textile industry. Moreover, specialty products like ADDINOL Additex SW will be presented. It provides optimum protection for all moving parts in circular and flat knitting machines and contributes to extended service lifetimes of the machine components.

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Jana Dudda

Jana Dudda


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