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Wherever people meet in large groups – in public places, in shopping malls, in office towers or when checking in at the airport – the easiest possible ways in and out or up and down must be found to ensure safety and comfort despite the increasing number of people.

Elevators, escalators and moving walks direct flows of people through urban structures as simply and stress-free as possible. thyssenkrupp Elevator AG is one of the few major companies that characterise the world market in the elevator and escalator sector. Its escalators and moving walks optimise passenger flows at airports and train and subway stations worldwide. They also enable the efficient use of all floors in shopping malls, department stores and convention centres.

ADDINOL lubricants for escalators
ADDINOL lubricants are also used for escalators

To ensure operation and quality, thyssenkrupp Elevator AG has among other things defined requirements for the lubricants used in its escalators and moving walks. These apply to all step, pallet and drive chains of thyssenkrupp moving walks and escalators worldwide.

The high temperature chain oil ADDINOL Chain Lube XHT 150 is listed as one of two synthetic lubricants in the general chain oil specifications of thyssenkrupp Elevator AG.

Apart from its creep behaviour and corrosion protection (corrosion degree = 0) ADDINOL Chain Lube XHT 150 was also assessed with regard to its load carrying capacity. Also under the test conditions of thyssenkrupp Elevator AG the ADDINOL Chain Lube XHT 150 proved its high wear protection.

Thyssenkrupp Egypt already solely uses ADDINOL Chain Lube XHT 150 in their service area.

ADDINOL Chain Lube XHT 150
ADDINOL Chain Lube XHT 150 in a 20l container
published: 17.11.2020


Jana Dudda


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