ADDINOL Sales partners in Estonia and Taiwan celebrate their 25th anniversary

In more than 90 countries and on all continents our distribution partners are selling ADDINOL high-performance lubricants with great commitment. With two of these partners, we have been cooperating for 25 years already.

ADDINOL Lube Oil OÜ is a subsidiary of the German ADDINOL Lube Oil GmbH. In Estonia, it has been the leading provider of high-performance lubricants since many years. On top of that, ADDINOL Lube Oil OÜ is the competence centre for many countries in Northern and Eastern Europe. With head offices in Tallinn and Tartu, the company serves the markets in the Baltic States, in Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Bulgaria.
The management is in the hands of Tiina Suija. With the support of a strong team, she has established ADDINOL Lube Oil OÜ with great commitment and made a vital contribution to the company’s successful development. The ongoing training of her employees is very important to Tiina Suija. Therefore, the whole sales team is always well-informed about the latest technical standards. They possess comprehensive expert knowledge on lubrication and ensure a competent technical service. This way, the trouble-free run of machines and plants is ensured over long periods.

Forefin Trading Co. Ltd has been an active distribution partner for ADDINOL high-performance lubricants in Taiwan (Republic of China) since 1993. The company’s head-quarters are located in the megacity Taipeh. The three brothers Tony, Steve and Ivan Lin manage the sale of the high-performance lubricants “Made in Germany”, which have established as a major brand in the Taiwanese market. The economy of Taiwan saw a rapid and breathtaking growth over the last decades. Today, the country with about 24 million inhabitants is second largest producer of semiconductor applications and one of the largest manufacturers of bicycles and LCD-flat screens. Forefin possesses a well-structured distribution network with employees and sales partners at all strategic points of the island. Forwarding agents, car repair shops and fleets are lubricated with automotive oils made in Leuna. In the industrial sector, Forefin has focused on marketing lubricants for gears and chains used in high-temperature applications mainly. The ADDINOL product range of high-performance lubricants is perfectly fit for these applications and has helped Forefin to become an essential partner in synthetic materials industry, for instance.

We have been cooperating with our distribution partners in Taiwan and Estonia for 25 years
And the next anniversaries are just around the corner: among these are the ADDINOL distribution partners in Albania and Azerbaijan, in Hong Kong and Kazakhstan, in the Kosovo, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

published: 18.07.2018


Jana Dudda

Jana Dudda


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