The fully synthetic oil "ADDINOL Professional 0530 E6" of SAE-grade 5W-30 is tailored to the specific operating conditions of the cold season. With a borderline pumping temperature of minus 35 degrees Celsius the diesel engine oil possesses superior low temperature characteristics which enable cold starts in very cold winters without any problems. [...]

Ever increasing rates, precision and performances – industry places enormous requirements on modern machine tools. However, even the best machine tool can deliver the performance expected only if the lubricants applied fulfil their tasks efficiently and without any problems. [...] 

Oils’ quality is improving constantly and they are becoming ever more important. However, still many users underestimate their potential. For German drivers workshops still are the first address when it comes to questions all about the car – this also applies to engine oils. [...]

ADDINOL’s new fully synthetic engine oil for commercial vehicles ‘Professional 0530 E6’ is tailored specifically to the special operating conditions of the cold season. [...]

Freezing temperatures – engine and oil are completely cooled off and the starter button is pressed – there is probably no greater challenge for engine oils. After all they must supply the engine with oil in spite of temperatures below zero and this way ensure optimum protection against corrosion and wear. [...]

Lubricants. Current and upcoming exhaust standards for commercial vehicles and machines do not only require engine technologies themselves but also respective fuels and lubricants. The lubricant expert ADDINOL offers the suitable product range. [...]

Just start the engine and go for fun! Off-road motocross events, full speed races on the circuit, and sporty on-road drives – they all place highest loads on the engine oil. Because of this ADDINOL, the German expert for high-performance lubricants, has developed a new, fully synthetic two-stroke high-performance engine oil fit for applications under hardest conditions. [...]

Most bikers enjoy speed and the sound of acceleration. Fans of classic two-stroke bikes now can do so and even without regret thanks to ADDINOL. The German expert for high-performance lubricants presents Pole Position High Speed 2T which is a fully synthetic engine oil specifically developed for difficult conditions. [...]

In 2011 ADDINOL celebrates its 75th anniversary – after all the historical roots of the company go back as far as 1936. The former Mineralölwerk Lützkendorf was founded on October 26th, 1936. Within a few years the young company became one of the largest refineries in Germany. [...]

The lubricant manufacturer ADDINOL has developed a high-performance grease for long-term lubrication containing their substance combination Surftec. Eco Grease PD 2 is suited for the lifetime lubrication of roller bearings and all sliding pairings prone to wear. [...]

Roller and sliding bearings are prone to micro-pitting, pitting, wear and scuffing. A new lubricant promises help under extreme conditions and for pre-damaged surfaces even. [...]

Illichivsk, the freight harbour of Odessa/Ukraine, is situated in the southeast, about 20 km from the mega city at the Black Sea. UkrTransKonteiner runs one of the container terminals at the harbour. As interruptions and malfunctions disrupt the whole flux of loading, the responsible maintenance engineers changed from the previous products to ADDINOL. [...]

Engine and transmission oils are important generators of profit and service tools. They say that life is hard and they are right. The fight for the customer is getting more demanding and ideas for keeping him or her at it are becoming more unconventional. [...]

The technology of modern automobiles is galloping ahead. However, it is not only the electronic systems which are improved and renewed constantly. Also components which have been somehow in the background so far require a knowledge upgrade of the workshops more and more often. [...]

Motor-cyclists rely on the opinion of their speciality retailer. Therefore all spare parts and accessories offered by the retailer should be first choice. Of course, this is also true for engine oils for motorbikes. [...]

Especially for engines in commercial vehicles and machines applied in construction industry and agriculture ADDINOL has developed two engine oils meeting emission standards Euro IV or V: Professional 1040 E9 and 1540 E9. [...]

Professional 1040 E9 and 1540 E9 are the names of two new engine oils made by ADDINOL. The SHPD engine oils outperform the requirements of ACEA standard E9/E7 and API standard CJ-4. [...]

"Iron out" previous damages by the help of lubricants. High-performance gear oils score when it comes to reducing wear in gears

If conventional industrial gear oils of type CLP are not up to the loads in the gears, this will cause problems for the whole plant. Unsuited lubricants can promote micro-pitting, pitting, marks and breakouts at the tooth flanks. Usually, the breakdown of a gear has serious impacts on the whole operation. The use of modern high-performance gear oils can control and minimise the risks. [...]

ADDINOL Professional 1040 E9 and 1540 E9 are two innovative engine oils developed and produced by ADDINOL. The engine oils of type SHPD outperform the requirements of ACEA E9/E7 and API CJ-4. [...]

ADDINOL Lube Oil GmbH has been a specialist in the development and production of high-performance lubricants for over 70 years. Lubrication of permanently installed gas engines, in particular for operation with special gases, is one of our core competencies. [...]

ADDINOL Professional 1040 E9 and 1540 E9 are two innovative engine oils of the German expert for high-performance lubricants ADDINOL. The SHPD engine oils exceed the requirements of ACEA E9/E7 and API CJ-4 and have been developed especially for the application in turbo diesel engines exposed to high loads as used in heavy commercial vehicles and machinery in construction industry or agriculture. [...]

Everyone who paid attention during their vocational training knows at least roughly how an automatic transmission works. The major advantage compared to its manual counterpart is that the annoying clutch is no longer necessary. For automatic transmissions a torque converter is used instead. In addition, the change of the gear or rather drive position is effected autonomously. [...]

In a long-term test in a 6,500-kN-machine new hydraulic oil reduces energy consumption by 5 percent [...]

During the last ten years the ADDINOL Lube Oil GmbH saw a growth in the two-digit area. Driving force:  Research and development in line with the requirements of the market. [...]

The specification JASO MA-2 describes the highest requirements made on four-stroke engine oils especially for the use in modern Japanese bikes at the moment. Four-stroke engine oils which meet not only JASO MA-2 but also API SM currently are the measure of all things. [...] 

Increasing requirements on gears in general mean that higher efficiencies and longer lifetimes are also demanded of the single components, including lubricants applied. A German manufacturer has developed a high-performance gear oil adapting to the changing load conditions in the gear teeth. [...]

ADDINOL, the former market leader for lubricants in the GDR, was mainly well-known to fans of Simson and MZ so far. But – the expert for high-performance lubricants is still in the first league when it comes to research and development. Their latest coup is ADDINOL Pole Position. [...]

Modern hydraulic systems pose ever increasing demands on hydraulic fluids. Some years ago hydraulic oils of type HLP used to be standard; nowadays advanced products with improved temperature as well as friction behaviour and sometimes detergent properties are applied more and more often.  [...]

In the last years the utilisation of wind power contributed a major share to the growth of electricity generated from renewable energies. However, wind alone is not enough – in order to generate electricity all plant components must function optimally – preferably without friction or any failures. [...]

Vehicle manufacturers issue new oil approvals all the time and terms such as "low-" and "mid-SAPS oils" can be found in all papers and specialist journals. The European engine oil market is subject to radical changes at the moment. [...]

The Euro-4 standard meant a radical change in additive technology and required the development of innovative engine oil components mastering the extreme engine-related demands and ensuring maximum efficiency of exhaust treatment systems. This development led to a totally new generation of lubricants. [...]

ADDINOL offers a broad range of products for commercial vehicles with various requirements including engine oils, transmission oils, hydraulic fluids and ATF. The portfolio contains roughly 22 engine oils. [...]

Modern hydraulic systems pose ever increasing demands on hydraulic fluids. Some years ago hydraulic oils of type HLP used to be standard, nowadays advanced products with improved temperature and friction behaviour as well as detergent properties in some cases are applied more and more often. [...]

With the approval of Porsche ADDINOL Giga light MV 0530 LL SAE 5W-30 possesses numerous approvals of leading German vehicle manufacturers. [...]

Each fan of classic cars knows from hearsay or his own experience that modern high-tech lubricants with their highly efficient additives are not suited for the application in older vehicles. [...]

Good margins and a certain source of income are definite advantages of the business with lubricants. Still many workshops neglect this subject although the right partner can ease the workload and moneymaking can become easier. [...]

All passenger cars and motorbikes equipped with contact ignition and lubrication felt strips require highly viscous oils free of additives for the friction pairing cam/breaker. Now – after an interval of roughly 20 years – the oil for contact breakers can be supplied again.

The quality of biogas underlies considerable variations. Contaminations, as for example sulphur compounds, put high loads on the gas engine. Therefore it is important to carry out oil changes regularly and in time. [...]

"ADDINOL", the former premium lubricant brand of the GDR is still alive and gains more and more ground in the whole country. [...]

The engine of the new VW Passat TSI EcoFuel can be operated with natural gas or gasoline. The bi-fuel high-performance engine requires a high-performance lubricant suitable for both applications. [...]

ADDINOL, the German expert for high-performance lubricants, offers an additional service for the application of their tried and tested gas engine oils in biogas plants. Based on lubricant analyses and a special matrix the ADDINOL engineers determine the optimum drain interval of the oil applied in biogas engines. [...]

For its Passat TSI Ecofuel Volkswagen requires a low SAPS engine oil approved according to VW 504 00/507 00. ADDINOL, the German expert for high-performance lubricants, offers the suitable SAE 5W-30 engine oil with ADDINOL Giga Light MV 0530 LL. [...]

Some products are known all over the place. Trademarks such as "Tempo", "Uhu" or "Flex" are synonyms for their whole product field and well-known to everyone. This is also true for ADDINOL [...]

The German ADDINOL Lube Oil GmbH is one of the classic medium-sized oil manufacturers. Their engine and transmission oils play among the upper league according to their own information. [...]

ADDINOL – Additive in Oil – was one of the most famous brand names of the former GDR. After Germany’s Reunification the company changed its name to ADDINOL. Today the long-established company scores with state-of-the art quality lubricants. [...]

ADDINOL Lube Oil GmbH has been a specialist in the development and production of high-performance lubricants for over 70 years. Lubrication of permanently installed gas engines, in particular for operation with special gases, is one of our core competencies. [...]

ADDINOL, German expert for high-performance lubricants, offers a pressure medium based on mineral oils and a novel additive technology. [...]

Galvex, part of ArcelorMittal, operates Europe’s largest hot-dip galvanising plant near Tallinn/Estonia. In the plant, which was built in 1997, Galvex processes roughly 500,000 tons of sheet steel every year. [...]

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