Penta-Cool NM 10

For the punching of electrical sheets

Penta-Cool NM 11

Drilling and grinding oil for deep-hole drilling and gear grinding

Penta-Cool NM 12

Drilling oil for deep hole drilling

Penta-Cool NM 21, NM 22

Drawing and punching fluid for iron and non-iron metals with low to medium requirements

Penta-Cool NM 63

Cutting of free cutting steels, aluminium materials, grey cast iron, alloyed and unalloyed heat-treated steels, suitable for thread milling and gear grinding

Penta-Cool NM 73

For cutting metalworking and thread cutting

Penta-Cool NM 80 MIN

Minimum quantity lubrication for cutting and non-cutting processes, for the processing of ferrous and non-ferrous materials and aluminium alloys

Penta-Cool 7000 N

With EP additives, for cutting operations of ferrous metals which are difficult to cut, for automatic tool machines, gear teeth working, thread cutting, broaching and grinding, not suitable for processing copper alloys

Multi-Purpose Oil 32 ZF

Chlorine- and zinc-free, suitable as cutting, gear and hydraulic oil at medium requirments, for cutting high to low machinability steels and non-ferrous metals

Autocut 22 A, 22 A/1

Chlorine-free cutting oils for medium requirements, particularly for auto lathe work, suited for working aluminium

Cutting Oil K16 S, K 33 S Pf 30

Chlorine-free cutting oils for the working of steel (automatic, broaching and thread operations, scraping of gear wheels), with EP additives for increased loads, not suitable for processing copper alloys

grind 5 B, 15 B/2

Chlorine-free cutting oils for processing medium to high alloy steels, especially for drilling flute grinding

form 150 C-ZF

Chlorine- and zinc-free forming oil for deep-drawing, deep drawing and cold extrusion of materials which are very difficult to shape and for their preservation, not suitable for processing copper alloys

Hardening Oil 29

Highly oxidation-stable mineral oil raffinate with a narrow boiling range and a low vapour pressure for the hardening of tools produced from alloyed tool steel

Cold Cleaning Fluid M

Water-insoluble, clear cleansing agent for cleaning and degreasing parts and workpieces of iron and copper alloys, undiluted use

Erosion Fluid ED 2 L

Insulating, cooling and flushing medium for electro-erosive metal processing

Our new expert for open gears ADDINOL Combiplex OG 0-2500

Gear wheels, gear racks and gear rings operating under high pressures and temperatures require a particularly careful and reliable lubrication. Stable greases are called for which resist increased pressure loads, display superior thermal stability and ensure optimal protection of the friction pairings. Especially for these requirements we have...


Temperatures up to +260 C and for short intervals even up to +280 C our new inert grease ADDIFLON PFPE Premium FD 2 is perfectly tailored to these conditions. It displays high stability against thermal and chemical degradation enabling operating times above the average; coking or polymerisation do not occur. It is insensitive to solvents,...

With highest VW-Approvals and top-class ADDINOL Semi Synth 1040 fuel-efficient engine oil

Additive packages of modern technology combined with high-grade mineral oil raffinates and selected synthetic components plus the know-how of ADDINOL that is what our new fuel-efficient engine oil ADDINOL Semi Synth 1040 is made of. According to OEM demands it is suited for all passenger cars and pick-up trucks with gasoline and diesel engines....